Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Dreams May Come...

Last night I had a weird dream; probably the first of many during this pregnancy. I know the women have the body changes that are happening but I also know that the men go through things to. Here is the weird/not so funny dream:

We were getting everything together to leave the hospital after having the baby. Family and friends were there and we had "baby in tow." The only thing is though, I do not remember anything about Jennifer going into labor, the trip to the hospital, getting Jennifer in a room, the delivery, or anything; nothing; notta; zip!!! I started asking Jennifer and she wouldn't tell me anything either. The only thing I knew was that we had a baby, it was a Boy, and I didn't know what we named him either?


So, since I think only Ladies read my blog, did anyone's husband have any kind of dreams that they told you about? But here's hoping that mine will ONLY be a dream!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Exciting Journey

I just wanted to say again that I am REALLY excited about our "jeneric" that is forming more and more everyday.

Since I saw the ultrasound yesterday I look at Jennifer in a completely different way. It is just so amazing to know that there is life growing inside of her.

Each afternoon I am out campaigning until sometimes 8:30 like last night. When I came in Jennifer said that "little-bit" has been crying for me all day and that it's happy to see me. Come on now, you know it makes you smile. It makes me smile.

Jennifer is getting bigger each day and it is crazy that as of today we are already 11 weeks along.

I know most of you are "wishing or claiming" it to be a girl and that is fine. I know it will be "Daddy's little girl."

Just wanted to share my excitement again. And Nicole, the FIL is just as excited as well as my BIL. He wants to be kept updated just as much as the FIL.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Pic...

Hello everyone,

As promised, here is the update on "Jeneric."

The appointment went great. On the Ultrasound you will see, very clearly, how the baby is lying on its back with its head on the left side and feet to the right.

After getting to see the baby we also got to hear the heartbeat which we also saw on the ultrasound. It is very fast coming in at 164.

The date of birth is staying at February 22nd and we are exactly 10wks and 6 days.

Everything is moving right along as scheduled and though some of you were hoping for "two" babies in there, there is only one! Our next appointment is Aug. 26th. This will just be a check-up appointment. Hopefully 8wks from today they will be able to determine if Jeneric is a boy or girl.

Thank you for your continued prayers, concern and support. We are really excited and it was so Awesome to see and hear all we did today. To God be the Glory!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Recap...

-Went grocery shopping on Friday (spent longer in the store than wanted to) My neighbor came over when I pulled into the drive. Needless to say, I never made it out to campaign. This was fine because I feel asleep on the couch so I needed the rest.

-Slept in Saturday until 8:25am. Could have slept longer but the phone rang and when I answered it no one was there. Lounged around until about 9:30, then a friend called and I meet him for Breakfast. (note: Please keep the Webb family in your prayers. These are people I know who's 25 year old daughter was killed in a car accident Friday night. The grandmother works here with me. It is very upsetting for the family as you can imagine.) Thank you for your prayers!!!
Got back home after breakfast and did some house cleaning. Went to the inlaws for dinner and then a friend (aka: second mom) and we talked until about 10pm.

-After church on Sunday we had lunch at the inlaws and then it was home where I did some work outside and then a friend and I went and put out some more of my campaign signs. "Painting the Town Blue!!!"

Now it is Monday! I WILL be campaigning this afternoon. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 we have our 2nd Doctors appointment. Stay tuned tomorrow about mid-day or afternoon for an appointment update.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What's in store???

Weekend schedule:

-Campaigning after work
-Stop by grocery store to shop. I would wait until Saturday but I hate going to the store on Saturday. I really don't like going on Friday but oh well.
-Will put out some campaign signs on Saturday morning.
-Do a little yard work
-Do some house cleaning...yes, I clean. And as Jamie said, I need to get over things not being clean or perfectly cleaned. I am working on it but can't learn over night. But yes, having a Baby changes not just things...but EVERYTHING!
-Maybe call up a certain friend I know who's mom and dad have a pool and see about going for a swim and a layout?!
-Church on Sunday
-Probably dinner with the inlaws
-Put the trash by the road for Monday pick up

So, is anyone doing anything exciting?

Baby Burp Cloths...

These were given to us, to Jennifer, from her Secret Sister at church. Who knows, maybe the room is going to have to be painted like these?


Jennifer has been doing the CVS trips and I am really proud of her. Thanks to all who told us about it because it REALLY is saving us money. Here was what she got yesterday:

Can you tell we are already starting to stock up on certain things?!
Grand Total: $42.37
OOP: $8.22
ECB's earned: $6.00
Not having to use up half of our grocery budget: Priceless!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tree Branch

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the house to change shoes and then hit the streets to campaign. Before I went in the house I checked the mail.

When I came out of the house, which I was in no more than 3 minutes, I went back outside and saw that a tree limb had fallen behind the car...that quick! I am glad it didn't land on the car.

1 Chornicles 4:10

Jabez prayed to the God of Israel saying, "Oh, that you would wonderfully bless me and help me in my work; please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all evil and disater." And God granted him his request. (the living bible translation)

Much needed


We have been getting MUCH NEEDED rain. Though, as always, it has come in the form of thunder storms and falls so fast that it starts flooding the roads.

Have I mentioned to you that I am EXCITED about becoming a Daddy. Everyone at church last night kept asking me questions and including, believing, that we are having twins! I hear that twins have to run on the womans side for that to happen and not the guys. But then I have heard it the other way around too.?! Either way, we are excited and are anxious about our doctors appointment on the 29th. If there is one heart beat...GREAT...if there is two...DOUBLE GREAT!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While out campaigning yesterday guess which door I knocked on??? Give Up??? The other guy that is running in my district. Surprise!

His wife was the one to answer the door. She told me her first name only but the tag on one of the cars gave it away. She was nice! The weird thing is that the whole time I am walking up the driveway I thought to myself that this was his house. I knew he lived in the area but was not sure exactly where? Then I saw the car at the council meeting last night and knew for sure that it was his house I stopped at.

Well, if he didn't know before, he knows now that I am going door to door.

I did get GREAT response from campaigning yesterday so that makes me feel good.

2 Years...

Today, my Bride and I are celebrating our 2 year Anniversary!!! (I am at work and she is in bed) Two years already have come and gone! CRAZY!!! Time has gone by so fast and is only getting faster!

The wedding was at 2pm, so it was probably about 2:30pm on July 22, 2006 when we said "I do".



Monday, July 21, 2008


I will be out everyday campaigning away. Yesterday I noticed my competitions signs in different places and I have heard that he has stopped by a few places. I knew it was bound to happen but now I am just going to have to work even harder to make myself known to everyone.

I will have an article with pic in the Monthly monitor for August as well as in the Shelby County Reporter and Bham news; all with a pic. I really hope it helps!!! All I can do is get out there and keep doing what I am doing.

We got my parents moved into their new house. Did I mention how excited I am for them! And, my dad was surprised about his 50th bday party that was planned Saturday night. He had no idea! I will post pics tomorrow if I get a chance!

Hey, brother and his wife are pregnant too! So here is how it will go:

My stepbrother and his wife will deliver in December, Jennifer and I will be February, and Michael and Amanda will be March!!! Babies EVERYWHERE!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


My parents were at the closing office at 9am and was finished by 9:50.

They are official HOMEOWNERS!!!


So, the wife(mom to be) was sick all day yesterday. Poor thing! I hope she feels better today. I will call her later and check on her. She is starting to hope that she is pregnant with twins just so she doesn't have to go through this again!

So, what is my take if it is twins you ask??? I would be just as excited!!! Then I would ask from each of my blogger readers to, "PLEASE SEND MONEY!!!!" and LOTS of it!!!

Also, not only would we be getting a true "jeneric", we would also be getting a two-for-one, or as the CVSers know it...BOGO!!!

Everyone have a great weekend. We are off to my parents house this afternoon to help them move into their NEW HOUSE!!! I am excited about that and so proud for them!!! It really is a blessing. Thank you again Lord!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Minus one...Plus two...

My boss meet me at my house today to pick up Jazzy. If you remember, he was the cat that we inherited after Sandra passed away. Over the course of the month and few weeks he has been at our house I became alleric to him. I would get watery and itchy eyes and would sneeze.

It was really sad to see him go. Even though Jazzy has only been there a short time, I have gotten use to him being there. I hope that his new owners will love and care for him just the same. I know Jim will find him a good home.

While we were carring all of Jazzy's stuff to the car we spotted two kittens playing around on the deck. It seems that my neighbor's two black cats had babies and where else better to play than on my deck where their parents played at. I had to go tell my neighbors so he could come get them. The adult cats started hanging around when we first got Jazzy. Maybe now that he is gone, they will leave also.

1st Baby update of MANY...

Good morning everyone!

The doctor’s appointment yesterday went very well. The Dr. is very pleased with how things are moving along and says that Jennifer is growing the way she is suppose to be. The estimated time of arrival for Baby is Feb. 22, but after the Dr. examined her, Jennifer may be further along than they thought or there might be “two” growing in there?! HA! (twins do run on my side of the family). Jennifer loves her Dr. and after I meet her, I do too. A nice lady and a Christian and very sincere.

We go back to the Dr. on July 29th at 8:30am to do and Ultrasound and get the exact date of arrival.

Jennifer has had morning sickness from the beginning. It is slowing going away and only the thought and smell of certain foods make her sick to her stomach. She is tired all the time and since she is currently out of school for the summer she sleeps almost all day.

Dad to be…me…is doing fine. Just having to make sure that Mama to be is HAPPY…I once heard, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”…and I’m a Happy Happy Man!!!

Thank you for your prayers and for your interest! I will keep everyone updated and try to spare the details that no one wants to hear.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My Parents GOT THE HOUSE!!! They will be closing this Friday at 9am. I probably have not posted much about this longgggggggggggggg, drawnnnnnnnnnnn, out ordeal; but let me tell has been longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! And it was all due to the first mortgage company that they used.

They approved my parents from the begining and then the ADVENTURE started!!!

These people jerked them around for 3 months with this last month being the worst. Everytime my parents satisfied them and the underwritters with information, they turned around just to be asked for MORE information.

So last Thursday my parents turned to another mortgage company. They had all the information to them on Friday and yesterday had their answer from them and like I said will be closing on Friday at 9am.

Please make a mental note of the following: DO NOT USE Adventure Mortgage Company at 2100 Riverchase Ctr Ste 218, Birmingham, AL for anything!!! These are the people who jerked my parents around and around and took them on an Adventure that was not fun!

My parents are so happy and I am happy for them. They derserve this house and God knew it. They raised 7 children and did without many times so we could do with. Father, thank you for your loving kindnesses and your blessings on my Parents!!!

To God be the GLORY!!!

On another note, we have our 1st doctors appointment at noon. We will let everyone know the results and how things are moving along.

Friday, July 11, 2008

When it Pours!

Yestderday evening we got a well deserved rain storm. It poured, and poured hard. I don't know why we can't just get a steady rain for about 3-4 hrs instead of a thunderstrom that brings strong rain and winds, but I will take what we get. It was raining so hard that the ditch that is in front of our house starting flowing over the top of the driveway to the other side of the ditch. I can't say I have ever seen it do that before?!

It is Friday and I have 1 hour to go before I get off from work. I am tired in mind and body. I think I am going to take a nap when I get home. We may go out with the wife's parents tonight for dinner.

Can you believe that our 2 year anniversary is coming up soon...July 22nd! Time has really gone by fast!

Since my lovely wife posted the info on her blog, I will share with you, but keep it underwraps until the middle of next week...:

It won't be long until I become a Daddy and Jennifer becomes a Mommy!!! Jennifer surprised me with the news the Wednesday of our cruise. We are going to the doctor on Tuesday to get everything checked out. Go to to read how far we believe we are, but of course we will know exact dates and everything after our appointment.

Jennifer has had the morning sickness and everything! We will let everyone know more news after the appointment.

Stay Tuned...


Yes...Guys can get emotional.

The wife and I are not able to keep my vice presidents cat that we inherited when she passed away because I am allergic to him. Jim, my boss, is going to come pick him up Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I grew up with cats but I have been away from home since 1998. On top of that, I get to work today and someone in the office sent me a link to where you can go to and sign the guest book of Sandra's from the funeral. (which was back from May 22). Reading the comments that people have posted and posting my own just really brought back MANY memories.

It is still hard to imagine that she is no longer here on earth. I know Heaven is far better than we can even think or imagine and Sandra is beholding her Maker.

Sandra, you are thought about often and will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Okay...A New Post Already!!!

If I didn't think my life was busy enough has REALLY gotten MORE busy!!!

Since we returned from the cruise, which I hope you enjoyed all the pics, I have hit the ground running with the campaigning.

I had to finish up my signs, attend a workshop meeting, finish filling out paperwork and on July 1st had to go qualify and be sure everything was "Good to Go!!!"

While going door to door I would have to say that I am getting alot of positive feed back. A lot of people are really shocked to actually have someone come to their door and ask them to vote for them. I got my signs yesterday and have already put some out. If you live in the area keep a look out for them. I will be putting more out each day.

The incumbent that is currently in the seat I am running for is running again and as it stands right now, is my only competition. The only thing I can do is get out there and campaign, campaign, campaign!!! With this heat in the afternoons I should be able to loose atleast 20 lbs when all is said and done.

Now, for a question that I was asked on a previous post about "whom to pick for Mayor?" To that person, please check your email. I would perfer not to put anything on the web dealing with that matter.

One last thing...We are offically CVSers!!! I personally did not go but my wife did with Jamie and learned the ropes. Our fisrt purchases totalled twenty something but the rest of the purchases we will be able to start getting everything for almost NOTHING!!!

Until later...