Friday, March 30, 2007


It's FRIDAY! Going to be a busy day. We are closing out the end of our physcal year and there is A LOT involved.

If I survive, I will post again.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back Up


The blog is back up and running. Maybe I can try and keep it updated? The only time I post anything on it is when I get a minute at work.

The wife and I have been attending a new church which we like. It is a small church, but a growing church. We are praying about maybe giving it 6months and see where we can be used by God.

My calling is Music Ministry. At any church I have attended I have sang in the choir and praise team and have helped in anyway. I have been speaking to the Pastor of this church and the youth pastor, who also plays the keyboard, to see what their Vision is? This past Sunday I sang with the two other people who are on the praise team.

I want to talk to the pastor about giving ourselves to them for 6months or a year and show them my vision, which is Gods vision, because that is where my passion for music comes from.
It would be a good time because they have two new guitar players and drum player that have given them 6months and since everyone is new it would be a good time.

Well, that's where we are on the church front. Jennifer has two more tournaments and then she is done with Volleyball for a while. We are looking at different job opprotunities for her. She has a few options so we are just praying about that as well. SO, pray with us. We know that God has our BEST interest in mind and for that, we have peace.