Thursday, September 25, 2008

Much needed...

I am taking a vacation next week. I am leaving Sunday and will return on Friday. It is a MUCH needed vacation. I have changed the week twice and even though I could find many reasons to post-pone it again, I am not. Something will always come up and like I said, "I NEED a vacation!"

I will be heading to Florida to visit with both sets of my grandparents and to visit my cousin which is:

Due to school and volleyball Jennifer will not be going with me. She isn't thrilled about me leaving her here but then again she never is. I told her to call a friend to come over and stay with her a couple nights or call her mom. (have a slumber party!!!)

About 30 minutes ago I was sitting on the couch with the wife and feeling the Baby Boy moving around. Have I said already how awesome that is and how excited we are?! Hmmmm?

We went to Walmart earlier and bought a newborn Cardigan, Cap & Pant set for the day He comes home from the hospital. I said "He" because we are still trying to pick a boys name. We have a few to pick from, we just want the right one. We also looked at the other Boy stuff. So much to choose from! Jennifer of course wanted to buy almost everything but I told her to register for it. Yup, that's me, thinking ahead!!! HA!

I guess I will be signing off. I am tired and need to do a few more things before I head off to bed.

Until again...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IT'S A...the last pic will tell...

So now you know what it is!!! We are SO excited!!!
Mom and Baby are moving along Great!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008



It was REALLY EXCITING!!! "Jeneric" was just a moving around in its current home. I think it wanted to play with Daddy!!! Jennifer was laying in the bed and I was in the living room and she yelled for me to come and feel.

It was really AWESOME!!! I can't wait to find out the sex on Wednesday! I get more and more excited every day!!!

Silent Auction

The Chamber had it's 1st annual Silent Auction this Saturday night. It went GREAT and I am not sure yet how much money was raised but it should be a pretty good amount. Jennifer and I helped out a little with the following items:

The book bag is a Life Is Good brand and we got it for $34.00. This will be the diaper bag for "jeneric". Which by the way, we go on Wednesday to find out what the sex is?!!!

The picture was one I liked. I do not think Jennifer likes it as much, other than the colors, but she is a GREAT wife and never said anything. The picture was originally $400.00. The picture place that donated it had it marked down to $200.00. I purchased it for $30.00. That's right!...$30.00. Talk about a steal!!! I like it though. I hung it in the kitchen. The walls in the kitchen are chocolate color and it looks really good.

Today we have the 6th Annual Golf Tournament. I am leaving work at 11am to attend that. And no, I do not play. I will be driving around on a cart taking pictures.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I want to be here...

It would be great if this road lead to a huge water fall.


Happy Birthday to ME today!!!

29 years old!!!

Welfare...How True it is...

Another one that is true: Work Harder...Millions on Welfare depend on YOU!!!

(please note: if you are reading this and you are on welfare BUT you and/or your spouse hold a job and do not spend your money on new cars, diamond rings, cigarettes or beer, and the welfare is JUST and assistance and not a support, then this email DOES NOT apply to you. Thank you for using the system correctly!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Ticker...

Well, we are at 17wks and 3 days with 158 days to go. Below are the Belly Pics to show you how "jeneric" is growing as well as the mom-to-be!

We go a week from today to find out if "jeneric" is a jennifer or eric as long as he/she is "showing all." ;)

Belly Pics...

These were taken on Aug. 27th when you first requested them. I apologize for JUST NOW posting them. Continue down and you will see the current ones taken this morning...

Belly Pics

These pictures were taken this morning. This is what the Lovely Mom looks like...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy week

Monday: 7-3:30pm work. After work will be driving around picking up gifts for the Chamber Silent Auction. Then 5:30 council meeting. Home, shower, bed.

Tuesday: 7-3:30pm work. After work pick up more gifts for the silent Auction. 5:30pm-7pm is Chamber Business after Hours. Home, shower, bed.

Wednesday: 7-3:30pm work. After work, once again, pick up silent auction gifts, 5:30pm silent auction meeting. Church, home, shower, bed.

Thursday: 7-3:30pm work.(squeeze in a chamber ribbon cutting at 11am) After work, be sure everything is in order for silent auction. 6:00pm Chamber board meeting. Home, shower, bed.

Friday: 7-3:30pm work. After work...HOME because I have been told by my wife NOT to plan anything. And I have learned to listen to my wife.?! Hmmmmmmm???

Saturday: 10:00am-noon - Mens ministry from church going to nursing home. After that, back home and possibly working on last minute Silent Auction stuff and trying to catch some of the Alabama football game. 5pm be at Golf Club house for the Silent Auction. Home, shower, bed.

Sunday: 9:30-noon church. Home to eat and then at 2pm a Chamber ribbon cutting for a business. Home...REST...Hopefully!!!

And I'm suppose to squeeze time in for a baby with all this???...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Side effects...

So, as you all know the Wife is pregnant. While being pregnant the woman develops certain side effects that she normally does not have.

I firmly believe that the Husband also develops some of these. Here is what I have so far:

1) Lack of concentration: I noticed this the most yesterday at my Chamber luncheon. I write out notes for myself to follow so I do not forget anything. Well as I was speaking yesterday I could not concentrate. I finally had to stop and let the business owners know that my wife is pregnant and I have developed some of the symptoms of her pregnancy. They all laughed and I kept going. (it didn't get any better!)

2) Sympathy weight: A few of my pants have gotten a little tighter. I eat whenever I want to and whatever I want to. No reason?! I am still wearing a 32 waist but if I don't stop, I won't for long! I need to hit the road with my bike and sweat some of this off.

3) Tiredness: I am in bed by 10pm at the latest every night but I wake up tired. Of course this could be from the "lack of concentration" as well as the "eating any and everything" all the time.

We have 5 more months of this...I better stop eating now or the doctor will be confused as to "whom is having the baby when I take Jennifer to the hospital to deliver!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Planner...

Yesterday afternoon and today I have been working on my new planner for 2009. I do not have a "black berry" or anything of the sort. To tell the truth I probably wouldn't like it. 1)Because I am not into electronics and do not have to have the top of the line gadget and 2) When I look at the month of September for example I like to see the whole month at one time and see what I have coming up, without having to scroll or turn pages. My monthly planners have the whole month from the left page to the right.

So the birthdays, anniversaries, etc have been marked in the 2009 year; which are a lot by the way. It won't be long until the sections with nothing in them will start filling up. Some of them being filled up with doctors appointments etc for "Jeneric".
Which reminds me:

"Jeneric" is growing as he/she should. Jennifer said yesterday that she felt it move. I can't wait to fill it. We go on the 24th of this month at 8am to hopefully find out if Jeneric will be a boy or girl. From there I will be able to start getting the babies room in order. Did you know that we are 16 weeks and 2 days along and only have 166 days left until the due date! And guess what...YOU are getting to share this experiance with us. You should be proud!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

One BAD Woman!!!

Can we all say that McCain knew exactly what he was doing when he did this...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something other than Politics please!!!

Well, no one has been commenting on my posts about my election so I guess I am boring everyone to death. So on to other news...

I enjoyed the 3 day weekend. I got LOTS done around the house. Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30am, got my coffee and sat down for a few minutes. By 8am I was cleaning house, doing laundry, changing the sheets on the bed, everything.

From there I moved outside and did some yard work. Blew the driveway with the leaf blower, picked up limbs, etc. etc. etc.

Sunday after church I went to Lowes and picked up some yellow mums and planted them in the front yard and laid out some seed to see if I could get some grass to grow in a few areas.

On Monday I slept in until about 7am and then lounged around the house. The inlaws and brother-in-law and his fiancee came over about 12:30 and we grilled fillet minons, hamburgers and chicken. All VERY Yummy!!!

Also on Friday I got to see my wifes volleyball team play and I watched them play this past Tuesday. It is hard for me to get to the games so I am glad I made it to those.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shelby County Reporter Article...

Calera municipal election winners might not take office
By Amy Gordon (Contact) | Shelby County Reporter

Published Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Although Calera citizens voted just like everybody else, their city's Aug. 26 election results may not be valid.

The U.S. Department of Justice has not approved the redistricting plan Calera used in this year's election. Unless the department approves the plan before Nov. 3, the day the newly elected officials take office, the current mayor and council will have to stay on until a solution can be found, said Frank "Butch" Ellis, Calera city attorney.

The Justice Department has not approved the redistricting plan because officials there want to be sure the new districts do not discriminate against minorities. The new voting lines were drawn as a response to population growth in Calera. The city has grown from 3,158 in the year 2000 to about 10,800 now. The voting lines are intended to even out the population in each district, Ellis said.

"All cities have to keep their populations even among their districts," Ellis said. "Under federal law, you have to redistrict to get approximately the same number of people in each district."

Also, according to a letter sent by Assistant Attorney General Grace Chung Becker, the city has not submitted notifications for 177 adopted annexations during the past 13 years. The population growth that spurred the new voting lines is due primarily to residential development on those annexations, Becker wrote.

Under the old district plan, District 2 was a black-majority voting district, and the district has had black representation on the council for 20 years. Under the new plan, District 2 is no longer a black-majority district.

In the Aug. 26 election, Eric Snyder, who is white, received 169 votes to defeat the incumbent, Ernest Montgomery, who is black and who received 167 votes.

"(The Department of Justice) is not satisfied that there's adequate representation of minorities," Ellis said. "We are very confident that what we've done does not discriminate against anybody. But we've got to convince the Justice Department."

The city is requesting reconsideration from the Department of Justice, Ellis said.

Calera City Clerk Linda Steele said the plan was submitted to the federal government six months before the election, in plenty of time for them to approve it. She said the city went ahead with the new voting lines in the Aug. 26 elections because city attorneys advised them to do so.

Now, election winners are dealing with the aftermath of this situation - the possibility they could have to go through the election process again.

Snyder, the District 2 representative-elect, said he was shocked to hear of the situation.

"There is speculation that we may have to campaign under the old districts, or we may stay the same. It's all in the hands of the Justice Department right now," he said. "I know that for me, I got out there, I ran a campaign, and I won the voters of my district. And I came out the winner whether it be by two votes."

Snyder said he believes Calera is diverse enough that a black-majority district isn't necessary.

"I think Calera deserves a pat on the back for it being hard to find a minority area. All of our subdivisions are so diverse," he said.

Montgomery, the District 2 incumbent, said he thought it was a fair election even with the redistricting plan.

"I thought it was the only plan our regional planning people could come up with. I also felt that it was the best plan we could come up with," he said. "I had a lot of confidence in the people of Calera. I felt they would vote fairly instead of on the basis of skin color."

Ellis said it's possible that the Department of Justice will not approve the redistricting lines and that it could be a while before Calera citizens know exactly who will be in office next. The city's two runoff elections may have to be put off as well.

"Nobody knows but the Justice Department," he said.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The results...

Remain the same! I just got back from City Hall where they were Canvassing the Votes!!!


Now, everything is in the hands of the Justice Department. As I have mentioned before, please pray that the Justice Department will approve everything and within the next couple of weeks.

If you live in Shelby County, please try and pick up a Shelby County Reporter tomorrow and see where I was interviewed about the current situation. I have to say myself that I did pretty good. From here on out though I will not be answering any questions from any reporter about the current issues.

Canvass the Election Results

I will be leaving work at 10:45 to get down to City Hall. They will be canvassing the election results at 11:00am!!! This means that the 16 provisional votes out there are approved and counted for, if the individuals did their part after they voted and went to the court house to prove what they needed to prove. (i.e. correct address, name, etc.)

I will be returning ASAP and I will keep you posted on anything!