Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our house, Our rules, Our kids toys!

When you come over to our house I want you to feel as welcome and relaxed as possible. If you have children and they come with you I want them to enjoy playing with my kids and their toys. I do NOT however want my kids toys broken by your kids. Is it too much to ask that you teach your children how to play gently with other peoples toys and if you happen to break it, tell an adult so we are aware of it.

You are welcome to come over as well as your kids and they can play but they are going to respect everything in our home. If you have not taught your children how to conduct themselves at someone elses house rest-assure that I will tell them. You may allow them to break things in your home but it will NOT happen in ours. I do understand that things accidently get broken but it isn't an accident everytime.

So come on over! Eat, drink, laugh, relax, etc., but please respect.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A year already

Just like others, I have those days that I wish would hurry up and get here or times in my life that I wish would speed up. The truth is though, time is going by so fast. And each passing year seems quicker than the last. '

This past Sept. 1st we have been in our house for a year. Other than painting a few walls, decorating, and putting on a new roof, nothing much more has been done. I have plenty of plans/ideas that I want to do but all in due time. This can be hard for me because I'm a "want it done yesterday" type of person.

During this next year I want to paint and update the bathrooms. We also need to put new windows on the house. That will be another big expense like the roof was but it has to be done. After that I want to paint(or put siding) the house a sage, or hunter, or olive green and do the white shutters and white porch in a yellowish-cream color. I think it will really warm up the place and add LOTS of charm as well as curb appeal. Of course doing all this will also be a big expense so it might be a couple more years before we do it.

In 4 more days our second son, Asher, will be a 1 year old. Now when I think about that it really seems to have been a fast year. Asher's name means "happy/blessed" and he is one happy baby boy. Other than the occasional fuss with his brother he is always quick to give a smile and is pretty much laid back.

My wife and sons are exactly what God knew I needed. They have changed my life in so many ways and though some days are longer/harder than others, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Remember blogger-world...it is SO easy to focus on the bad things in life but MUCH better and relaxing to focus on the good things. Remember to always give God the glory he deserves. Praise him in the good times and bad. Take it all to the Lord FIRST(make your requests/concerns known to him).

Be blessed!