Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Singing's something I have always done.

I cannot remember a time when I have not been involved in a choir, praise team, chorus group, etc. I even attended Jeff State Community College on a Singers Scholarship. I do not claim to be the BEST singer in the world but I can "carry a tune in a bucket" and love to harmonize in songs. I will even tell you that I know I am better at doing harmony songs than I am a soloist.

When we started attending the church we are at last October I knew it was the place for us to be. Of course, Jennifer knew it was were we were suppose to be years back but that is another story about my stubbornness. It was the place for us because number one: the True word of God is preached from the pulpit. Number two: because it has the classes Jennifer and I need, and number three: because it has what our children need.

One of the most exciting things for me though was it had a choir and praise team. My passion is singing and they had a lot to offer. I joined the choir, filled out the form of where I would like to be used(i.e. choir, praise team) and started enjoying what I know is my calling. I really feel that I was working toward joining the praise team but some changes happened.

The Minister of Music Pastor announced that he and his family was leaving. It was all on good terms and they are missed greatly. Because of them leaving, changes were made to the current music ministry.

The Lead Pastor is not in a hurry to hire another music minister. The details is too much to go into here but I and everyone else understands why and we are excited about the future and the next person that will take over, whenever that will be. In the meantime though, they have dismissed the choir and only kept the Morning Praise Team which means that I am no longer singing because I had not been put on the team yet. I sit, currently at my computer typing this, but sitting in the congregation on Sundays wishing that I were up on stage helping to lead worship. I have contacted the "fill-in pastor" that is leading worship until a replacement is found. I let him know the desires of my heart and that I am readily available when he needs another tenor/alto voice. He said thanks for letting him know. Who knows, we will see. And to let you know, the reason why the fill-in pastor can't continue on with the choir, etc is because he has other obligations on wednesday nights and sunday nights so therefore having choir practice would be rather hard to juggle.

To be honest though, my heart hurts from it all. It's only been two weeks since no choir and I already miss it terribly. It might even be the new year before they find a new music pastor.

Maybe there is something I am suppose to be learing during this time? I know we are not leaving this church. Like I have already stated, "this is where we are suppose to be." I just feel lost right now.