Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sense of Smell

The sense of smell is a powerful thing. At least for me. I have a very good sense of smell. The one thing about my sense of smell is that it causes me to "go back" to another place and time. I can be somewhere and smell something and I have a flash back of a memory or some kind. (good or bad).

Yes, the sense of smell is a powerful thing. The word "smell" is also a funny sounding word. Say it say it over and over...smell...smell...smell. Told you it was funny sounding!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Both ways CAN'T be YOUR way!

I love getting together with family for the holidays.

When you get married though, getting together for holidays brings on a whole new meaning. You have to play the 'ol Swith-A-Rue.

My wife and I switch Thanksgiving locations every year. One year with my family and the next with hers. If our families lived in the same direction we could probably see both but it is literally the opposite direction. (one east and the other west). On Christmas we see both sides because we are only going to my inlaws house about 10minutes away and then heading to my parents and then we get back to our house around 9 or 10pm that night.

Well here it is Easter! My Mother ALWAYS sacrafices and works around other peoples schedules but she wants to have Easter at her house on the actual day but once again it seems that it is going to have to happen on the Saturday before.

The schedule is worked out for Saturday because certain family members have to have it their way and CANNOT make it if it stays on Sunday.(as if you not being there should stop us from getting together at all).

So the schedule is reworked so they can come, which is okay but...the other family members also have plans on Saturday and wants to make it later than the 1:00pm that we have it scheduled for. WHAT! NO! The time is staying 1:00pm. We also have plans on Saturday and we are cutting them short so we can get travel the 1 1/2 hrs. to my parents, hide the eggs, eat, let the kids hunt the eggs, spend a little more time with the family, and then head back to our house.

Look, the schedule was already changed for you. You CAN'T have both ways YOUR way! Cut your plans short. Sacrafice something! Heck, we are celebrating Easter here. You know, where Jesus sacraficed His life for you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gold Par-tay!!!

Just a reminder that this Saturday, March 27th I will be hosting a Gold Party at my house from 11am – 1pm. Come and go as you please. I will be grilling hotdogs, buffalo chicken dip and serving drinks!

Bring your unused, damaged, unwanted, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex’s, current spouses, whosever jewelry and get PAID for coming to a party!

If you can’t make it to the party be sure to bring your jewelry to me in a bag with your name and number on it so I can tell the lady who to write the check out to.

Let me know if you are coming and I will give you the address to my house!!!

See you there!!!

Remember, I get paid for hosting the party and a portion of my earnings will go towards Relay For Life!(American Cancer Society)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunny Skies

It is so nice outside that I didn't want to come back from lunch. I see nothing but blue sunny skies as I look out my window...FINALLY! It is only going to last today and tomorrow but I will take what I can get.

I opened up a couple of windows at home and put the dog outside. Zoe, our dog, is so funny! When I chain her up outside she lays down on the ground and doesn't move. I guess she thinks she is in trouble because normally that is why she gets chained up but I told her that there is no reason to be inside on such a nice day. I wish someone would chain me up outside! :)

The truck in is need of a good bath so I guess I will be washing it this afternoon when I get home, which will give me a reason to be out in this beautiful weather.

If you remember from a previous post you will recall that the wife and I are sneaking away this weekend for a "rendezvous." She knows now that we will be heading to Atlanta to visit the Ikea store and visiting with my brother. I haven't told her anything else but she is a smart one so I am sure she knows what kind of place we will be spending the night at. I am just looking forward to a nice get-a-way with my Bride, which will be my bride for a total of 4 years so far this coming July 22nd.

Also, the St. Joseph statue that I ordered came in yesterday. If the wife gets home before dark we will follow the directions of burying it in the yard and pray!

Everyone have a great weekend! Put off all the inside chores and get your butt outside as much as you can and enjoy this weather!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family and Friends

Pics from visiting with family and friends last weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinner with Friends

I had dinner with my old roommate last night. He was my roommate before I got married. We always have great conversation when we meet and we both always seem to bring revelation to things that we have been dealing with in life.

Tonight the fam and I are having dinner with some other friends. Like I said in a previous post, "Make time for Friends," even if it seems to get you out of your normal routine which is a good thing if it does.

On another note I have planned a "rendezvous" with the wife this weekend. We will drop Corban off at my parents house along the way so we can have some time together. My Mother has been wanting Corban to spend the night with her anyway so I am going to take advantage of the situation and take advantage of my wife. ;) Plus, with baby #2 on the way we have to do all we can do to spend time together.

I can't tell you what or where we are going because I am trying to keep it a secrete from Jennifer but she is guessing like crazy. Even if she guesses it I am not going to tell her, because I am mean like that! lol.

Pics from the weekend will be posted next week so be sure to check back!

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Joseph

I have had 3 or 4 people tell me to bury a St. Joseph statue in my yard and our house will sell. I have a friend whose house sold 2 weeks after burying the statue.

When I first heard of such I laughed and thought, "Oh My!"but yesterday, once again, someone told me to do it and the house would sell.

Well, I must tell you that I currently have a St. Joseph statue being mailed to me today that I ordered from eBay at the grand total of $5.39(free shipping).

Upon viewing the statue on-line I found out that there is a prayer that you have to say to start it off and make your request known and then a prayer that you say each day. Copy and paste this site to read it:

For those of you who know me you know I am not Catholic or practice catholic beliefs. I do not understand the fact of praying to Mary, Joseph, Peter, Paul, or whomever nor do I find it right or wrong. I believe in praying directly to God and making my requests known to Him.

I read the Opening Prayer and about the only part I do not agree with is the following: "St. Joseph, just and true, with a father's care....I entrust myself to your care and place in your hands this request of mine (say request)." When I get to this part I will pray directly to God and entrust myself to Him.

All in all, the "day prayers" are directed and asking God to come to my aid and Day 7 is a prayer that I need to pray every day. Day 7: "God, our Father, give your fatherly spirit to those who are fathers now. Like Joseph, give them hearts of devoted love for their wives and children and strength for forgiveness and patience."

Once the statue gets here I will be burying it head down and facing the house as directed. Stay tuned for the date of when it sells. I am praying that it sells at most in 2 weeks.I don't think it hurts to try and if someone was telling me to bury a voo-doo doll or buddha or some crap like that then I wouldn't even be attempting it. The good that can come from this is our house selling and me learning to pray, again, for specific things. Gods word tells us to, "make our requests known to Him!" I think that sometimes we forget to do that.

The word also tells us that when we pray, pray as such, "Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen." WOW! So much revelation in that prayer alone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Does my butt look big... these pants?

I "heart" food. I can eat, eat, and eat! Chocolate is one of my favorites and it is hard for me to pass it up but starting today I HAVE to start skipping and putting the fork down.

I gained weight while my wife was pregnant with our Son and lost a few pounds after but have gained it all back plus some! I cannot afford to gain any during this second pregnancy. The pants are already tight, some which I can't even button, and I just don't like the way I look or how I feel. I refuse to go out and buy more clothes. I also think that once I turned 30 last September that any metabolism that I had went away.

I also MUST pick back up my bike riding. When I ride I usually go about 30-50 miles each time and though it sucks sometimes during the ride I always feel great afterwards and it is a great way to loose the weight.

So, here goes the dieting. Not the only eating salads and no sweets diet, just a diet where I eat less of something and not as much sweets and where I get back on my bike and burn these pounds off. I can do this! I use to wear a size 34 pants and I dropped to a size 32; which is what I am now squeezing into.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random information!

My Dad finally got a job! He started yesterday. He called me last night excited about it. He has to go in at 4:30am but gets off at noon. It may be early but once he gets home he has time to take a nap, get up and do whatever, and then go back to bed by 8pm. I am proud of him! Thank you Lord for providing a job which is helping my parents financially but also helping my mother mentally.

We still have the house on the market. The current price is $117,900.00. We have lots of interest and have had one serious offer but it fell through because they could not get financing. I know a buyer will come and I'm not worried about it I am just wanting it to happen now! But that is our mentality...I want it and I want it NOW!

I have considered doing a lease to purchase agreement. I have done my homework on this route because for just as many people want to buy the house the same amount want to lease to buy. I had a company contact me that will list the house, FREE of charge, and run the credit, etc of the potential buyer. They will then email me the info of the buyer(s) and we then have the right to say yes or no. Go to this website and find out more about it:
I have done everything but do a BBB check on them. I have also had a friend look it over and everything seems legit.

I think the way they get their money is from the buyer paying a fee and possibly through the sell of the home, which again, the buyer has to pay. The guy from the company made to sure to tell me that I would have to pay NOTHING and that once a contract is drawn up I can have my own closing attorney look at it if it makes me feel better. If I chose to go this route I want the lease to purchase agreement to be one where at the end of 3-5 years the mortgage is sold to the buyer and out of my hands. I don't want to hold the mortgage for the life of the loan.

I can't believe Easter is right around the corner. Time is going by fast. Incase you do not know already remember that you need to set your clocks an hour ahead before you go to bed on Saturday night. (we spring forward!) Maybe this will cause Corban to sleep longer or make me think that he is.?!

I am having a Gold Buying Party at my house on Saturday March 27th from 11am-1pm. Refreshments will be served. If you are interested in attending let me know and I will give you more details and directions to the house. The more gold you and I sell, the more money goes to Relay For Life (Amercian Cancer Society). So, come support the Fight/Cure for Cancer!

Okay, I'm finished for now.

Monday, March 8, 2010

From the Abundance of the Heart...

the Mouth speaks!

This is a verse taken from the word of God. "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!" I have always heard it said that whatever you "put in" is what "comes out."

I would like to think that there is nothing but good inside of me. I am a Christian, I go to church, I read Gods word, which I should read more, and I know right from wrong, etc. But sometimes there are words that I allow to come out that make me disappointed in myself and second guess [what?] I am "putting in." I'm being honest with you here!

The main time this happens is when I am sleepy. We go to bed and then in the wee hours of the morning Corban starts crying. His crying is a SCREAMING crying. He starts and it goes on for up to 30 minutes. Sometimes I can't take it because my body is craving for sleep and I think by now our Son should not be waking up wanting food or wanting attention and heck it was only the night before that he woke up doing the same thing. If I do get up to get him to give him some milk in hopes that he will fall fast to sleep he only takes a sip.

When he starts screaming crying, I start getting frustrated. I lay there in bed wondering why can't he just sleep through the night! He is too old to be waking up! By now we are all awake and I am really aggravated and I do at times allow myself to say words that I quickly regret, curse words, all because my body is tired. The words are nothing against Corban and I am not mad at him or at Jennifer it's just the fact of being woke the wee hours of the morning for no reason. All I want to do is sleep! All I want is for Corban to sleep! Why do I act this way?

Like I said, as quick as I say the things I shouldn't I quickly regret it. There is no reason for my reaction! There is no excuse for it! Then why, even when I know this, do I do it.

Lord, again, I ask for your forgiveness. I love the son that you have blessed us with and the child that is on the way. God, I want to be the Dad that Corban and baby #2 can be proud of. I want to be the Husband that Jennifer can be proud of. Lord, when my mouth opens I want the words of life, praise, and edification to pour out to those that I love and to those that need to hear from you. Lord, I want to be more like you! I know You do not get aggravated at me when I come to you in the wee hours of the morning. I know there are times when you choose not to console me and allow me to "cry it out" while you sit and watch me. Then Lord, there are those times when you pick me up and hold me close so I can feel your heart beat which brings MUCH consolation.(thank you Lord for the revelation that you just gave me while typing this prayer!)

Thank you too blogger world for allowing me to be honest with you and giving you something that you can pray for me about.

Monday, March 1, 2010

To Get you have to Give!

If you want have to give love!
If you want have to give money! (i.e. tithes)
If you want have to give friendship!
If you want have to give(have) faith!
If you want have to give kindness!
If you want have to give forgiveness!
...and so on and so on!

NO mathematician or scientist or anyone in their "right" mind would tell you that if you want MORE of something, then you have to give what little bit you have away! I serve a God that was never in his right mind while he was here on earth; or was he?

There is a saying that goes, "We should not be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good!" Shouldn't the saying really go, "We shouldn't be so earthly minded that we are no heavenly good!" Now don't get all religious in your everyday life but our eyes and thoughts should be fixed on Jesus!

While Jesus was on earth he was heavenly minded. He knew why he was here and what his purpose was. He fixed his thoughts on his Father, who is the author and finisher of our faith!

I think this verse sums up the title of this post...Mark 10:45 says, "The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve!" It IS NOT easy at times, okay, most of the time, and while typing this post I am "preaching to the" I mean come on! I give and give and give and give and give and give and see no results! I have given my ALL! I have given love, money, friendship, faith, kindness, forgivenes, and so on. that my all? I am still alive typing this post which means that I have not given my LIFE! (ouch!) Truth hurts doesn't it Eric!

"Do not grow weary in well doing..."