Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newly Painted Dining Room

To finish it off we will be getting a new light fixture and I am still thinking about putting a chair rail around the room. The kitchen and eat in area have it so...

Getting rid of the purple:

The curtains still match...which is a good thing!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is this thing on...tap, tap, tap!

So I haven't posted in a while...bite me! Okay, don't really bite me. I get enough of that from my two year old. He pokes, bites, hits, throws things at me, etc. I feel like I am being bullied. I am constantly saying, "stop it, don't do that, quit!" My Son, the bully. :-/ Okay, he's really not a bully but I do wonder sometimes.

Corban, my two year old is my smart little boy! He can count, say his ABC's, and other than the bullying mentioned above, he gives great hugs and kisses, randomly says I love you, which even to a Dad, melts your heart. While saying the blessing over our food he is quick to get to the Amen part because he knows he can eat after that. He is my Son, what can I say!

Corban is also my helper. Most of the time I reluctantly let him help me do something just because I know how much he loves to help; even though I know it will involve me having to clean up or correct even a bigger mess than what was already there.

Your Children teach you things and my Son Corban is teaching me Patience. He is full of love and gives love freely but as already mentioned, he is my Son so of course there is patience that is needed to deal with me...I mean him. ;-)

Now my second Son, Asher! He is now 8 months old. The boy wakes up with a smile and goes to sleep with a smile. He loves his big brother, even after his brother has knocked him in the head to the point that Jennifer had to call the nurse. Asher is our more quiet one, unless he's hungry. (look-a-there, another son of mine that loves food!)

Asher is a happy baby. He is and has been our sleeper from the time he was born. Yes, he has a few nights here and there but nothing like the way Corban kept us up. He is about to start crawling which is a little sad for me because it just means he is growing up so fast. But don't worry, I'm not so sad that I change my mind about only having two. Two is it!

Since he's only 8 months old, I don't really know what Asher is teaching me. Time will tell.

Moving on...I got the pool open and ready this past week. I am finding out quickly that having a pool is work...but work that is well worth it. I know we will be enjoying it almost everyday and I will be enjoying those evening swims.

I started painting the dining room. Once done we will get a new light fixture and then I will continue on completing one room at a time; updating this and that, painting here and there.

We've meet the neighbors behind us that are our age. They are awesome people and we have already had them over for game night last friday, along with other awesome friends, and we will be getting together for bbqs and swims all summer. They have a daughter that is 5 that I know Corban will love to play with; he likes those older girls and they like bossing him around. Get use to it Son! :o

This past May 1st I celebrated 11 years here at work. I know, WOW! I was 19 1/2 when I started. Who knows, maybe I will see another 11 years!?! Some have been here for 20plus years! What can I's an awesome company! It's family!

Jennifer is still at her current position. We are praying for her a new job that she has applied for. She really wants it and I want it for her. She would be awesome at it! She's the best!

Father, Thank you for my lovely wife and for my two beautiful sons. Thank you for giving to me exactly what you knew I needed. Thank you for letting them teach me things that I would have never learned. Thank you for blessing me with all 3 of them even when I feel that I don't deserve any of it.