Tuesday, June 19, 2007


When I pray, I continually ask God for Wisdom. But as of last friday I may not have it anymore? I went and had all four wisdom teeth removed.

Does that mean that the whole time I was asking for wisdom, I already had wisdom and that I didn't have the wisdom to know that I had wisdom until the wisdom was gone? Are you as much confussed as I am?

About the only thing that has been going on in Bomba Days is work. The bride and I did get to catch a movie Thursday night, which is something we haven't done in a while. We WILL be doing that more often.

Since my brothers wedding is out of the way, we are now prepairing for my sisters wedding day on the 30th. That is why I had to squeeze time in there for the wisdom teeth surgery.

Maybe by this friday I will be 10 lbs. smaller. The only foods I have ate are the kind that can just slide down. aka...mash potato's, apple sauce, pudding, mac and cheese, ice-cream. I am ready for some real food. I go back to have the stitches removed this Thursday. I'm thinking, hopefully, seafood on Friday!!! The bride of course will be eating chicken fingers.

Until again...