Friday, August 27, 2010


Hebrews 10:25 via the Amplified Version tells us, "Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching."

I think part of my gifting is being an encourager. If I know someone is going through something I am right there telling them that they can do it, you will make it, constantly trying to keep their spirits up, etc. I can encourage and persuade others better than myself.

But isn't that how God uses us. I think the areas that we lack in is where God uses us to build others up in and in return showing us that we are MORE than conquerors. You know what I'm talking about. I know there has been a time in your life where you were talking with someone and all of a sudden it was like a light bulb went off and it seemed as though the very words you were speaking were being spoken to you and bringing clarification, confirmation, encouragement, etc.

The body of Christ NEEDS each other. As Hebrews stated, we must assemble together. Coming together shows us that we are not alone in this walk with Christ. We were never meant to carry our loads alone. When the body of Christ is together it is then we are made complete.

So, assemble together with brothers and sisters in Christ. Encourage each other, admonish, warn, and urge each other to live a closer life to Christ. Take note that the word judge was not in this passage. Don't cross the line into judging, for with the same measure that you use to judge, God will judge you.

Have a blessed weekend Blogger world. Count your MANY blessings and name them one by one! Come and dine at the Masters table, come and dine! What a friend we have in Jesus...all our sins and griefs to bear, what a privilege to carry, EVERYTHING to God in prayer; Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making a check list...and checking it twice.

Since we are buying a NEW(used) house there are things that need to be updated and fixed.

Updating the fixtures, fans, flooring, etc. are things that can be done as money permits. Things that will be done within a day or two of moving in are the following:

-Of course unpack and take a dip in the pool
-Get ALL door locks re-keyed (this is cheaper than replacing all locks)
-Replace broken water regulator (controls pressure coming into the house)
-Purchase a damper clip for the fireplace
-Fix second garage door that does not open(it isn't aligned correctly)
-Paint boys rooms and bathroom and get them decorated to the brides liking
-Pool fencing(big ticket item but well worth it of course)

The painting of all other rooms will be done as time permits as well as pressure washing the decks and replacing any boards on the deck or yard fencing that needs to be replaced.

I can't wait to get in and decorate. I have the position of the livingroom furniture all laid out in my head as well as most of the other rooms. I am "trying" to refrain from purchasing any furniture until we move in because I need to see what we have, what we can get rid of, and what we might need/want. I did purchase a chair from a friend the other day but I knew I wanted it for a certain area. I have tables and other stuff in the attic and storage that have been put away for a year or more. I am anxious to see all that I forgot we had.

I have an idea for a headboard for the master bedroom. It's going to be good! Bedroom furniture is so OVERLY priced and I refuse to pay what they are asking, especially when I can do just as good or better.

I will do my best to remember to take before and after pics of everything. Just remember that during all this we will also be welcoming into the world Asher Jackson Snyder. Oh how ready I am to meet him! He has been one active little man inside of his Mommy; more so than Corban.

Until again...

A L-O-N-G month...and A L-O-N-G post; grab a cup of coffee!

We have almost reached the end of the month. Our closing for our new house is set for 10:00am on Tuesday. We do our final walk-thru on Monday.

Before that happens though I will be heading up to DuckTown, TN to go White Water Rafting. This is a trip away with the guys before baby Asher arrives, which is only a few weeks away. It may seem to some that this is not the best time to take a getaway trip but I assure you that this was planned before the sell of our current home and the purchase of our new home. I will also assure you that the house is as packed up as it can get. There are the last minute things to pack but other than that, everything will be stacked in the dining room by Sunday afternoon waiting for me to load it into the moving truck on Monday.

With all that has been going on, we added to the list numerous, and still going, visits to the ICU at the hospital. Last Friday my brother was in a really bad car accident driving home from work. He was banged up pretty bad and has already gone through surgery a couple of times. For all that he has been through he is doing really great. Today they should move him into his own room. The main reason he has been kept in ICU was to watch his breathing. It has been irregular since he came in but the nurse said last night that he was doing great. They are watching his left leg and pelvis to besure it doesn't pop out of joint. He has a broken ankle on his right leg, a broken rist on his left hand and just some brusing all over the place. He did get out of bed yesterday to do some walking.

I know he is ready to get his own room and to see his 3 little kids who are missing their daddy like crazy but since you have to be over the age of 12 to enter into the ICU they have not been able to see him. God was watching over him and still is.

To continue on: My mother moves into our house next week when we move out. Yes, if you do not know already, it is my Mother who bought our house. Her and my stepdad are in the process of a divorce. She did not want to continue to live in the house they were in and she wanted to start the "Fresh Start" somewhere else. Keep both of my parents in your prayers. Divorce is a hard thing for anybody, no matter what the circumstances, and no matter which person wants the divorce there is still pain that has to be dealt with and worked through. 21 years is a long time.

I will let you know though I can see God at work in both of their lives. My dad needed a wake up call and God is giving him one. My dad has told me things this past month that show me that God is dealing with him and the provisions for both of them this past month is truly amazing.

Well, I am sure you have reached the bottom of your cup of coffee, or if you are my wife, the bottom of the can of Dr. Pepper, so I will let you go.

Friday, August 20, 2010

1st Hair cut!

Today, Corban is 18 months old. He had his first haircut on Wednesday. He did so good. We just knew that we were going to have to tie him down but nope. He is growing up so fast! In 4 more weeks his brother Asher will make an appearance. Life in the fast lane! Love every minute of it because when it's's gone!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Figuring it all out

It is 4:40am on Wednesday morning and here I am posting on my blog with the sounds of the Wiggles dvd playing in the back ground and Corban 1/2 awake 1/2 asleep on the couch. He has woken up a few times last night. I guess something he ate at dinner last night upset his stomach a little. At his age, everything is trial and error; until he can tell us what bothers him anyway. Or maybe, he justed wanted to be with his Daddy. ;)

Life is moving right along. The end of the month, which is our closing date, seems so far away but I know it's just because we are really excited about getting moved in so we can paint the boys rooms and get them both ready and then prepare for Asher to get here.

One thing I was thinking when I was up and down with Corban this morning was the fact that I will have to go up and down stairs to get his milk, etc. The more I think about it the more I think we are going to have to find a solution to that. (i.e. keeping paci's in their bathroom, maybe a small fridge to keep sippy cups with milk?) I am not complaining about the stairs. I LOVE the space that the new house is giving us and I love the fact that the bedrooms are on a different level from the kitchen, etc.

I've got LOTS of ideas about decorating and can't wait to start. Knowing me, I am sure I will be doing stuff in the weee hours of the morning while we are up with Asher. Might as well make good use of my time!

Jennifer has everything planned out in her mind of what she wants done with the boys rooms. Corban will have a fire truck theme. He already has his big boy bed which he will soom be sleeping in. We just haven't set it up yet because we were wanting to move first. Jennifer is looking for some other fire truck thWeme stuff to put in the room. Asher's room is going to be jungle theme with monkeys and frogs. Both of the rooms will be their own shade of blue.

As already mentioned in previous posts, the rest of the house can wait until we get to it. Nothing has to be done right away. One thing I do know though is that the seller better be keeping that pool clean. I will want to be going swimming as soon as we move in. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Living out of boxes

We have packed up just about everything we can live without for a couple more weeks and have realized that we have packed some things that we still need but are not going to go digging for them. Jennifer had to buy a spatula yesterday because I packed the many other ones we have.

The mortgage company is completely done with everything but we have to wait until the 31st because we are in a signed contract and plus it's giving the seller time to move into an apartment.

The end of the month will get here before we know it but in the mean time we will keep packing and living our every day to day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like a kid... a candy store!

I can't wait to actually move into our new house. We close on the 31st and will be spending our 1st night there as well. I know there will be LOTS of stuff that need to be done but I can't wait.

Ohe well, wait I must. We have 19 more days until then. Time is going by fast enough so I really don't want to rush it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Glory of's ALWAYS there!

My Facebook status from yesterday went something like: "Even when we are going through a storm we are still MORE blessed than we know." While this is so true, it is also so hard to see while in the storm. God is GREAT and GREATLY to be praised!

If there is one thing He is showing me during this time is that no matter what, I should ALWAYS give Him thanks and not just when the going is going good!

I feel so OVERLY blessed right now and have become humbled at all that God is giving to me and my family. I hope that none of you think that I am boasting in anyway about the new house and all the answered prayer requests that came along with it.

I want to remind you that we had our house on the market for almost a year and ended up selling it for what we paid for it when we purchased it 4 years ago. I had to come to terms with the fact that, "as long as I could sell it for what I owed then we would be fine." Thank the Lord that we were able to walk away with a little money for the new house.

The new house answers SO MANY prayers. I love to entertain and fellowship with people and this house will allow us to do it. This is not just our house but Gods house because His word says, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is..." "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My name, there I will be!" "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"

Jennifer has a heart for Youth and I know that the extra bedroom and space that the house offers will come in handy one day. Even though Asher, who will be here in 6wks, is our last child, we have discussed about boarding a youth type person if there was ever a need. Sort of like a Masters Commission student or someone like that. It will be a few years before we chose to do that but we must get settled in the new house and get our two boys settled in as well.

So remember, as I have been reminded, to always give God the praise no matter what the circumstance!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our New Home!

Below are pics of our soon to be new home. These are pics I took yesterday, real quick, while I was there with the inspector. We closed on our current home today and are still set to close on this one by the 26th. I am really hoping the closing date can be moved up a week. I can't express enough of how Blessed we really feel.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In life I think we all strive to be Accepted in some shape, form, or fashion. The best kind of acceptance is the acceptance that Jesus gives to us. His word says, "Come just as you are!" Thank you Lord for accepting us. We cannot change ourselves; it is Christ that changes us.

The next best kind of acceptance is when the seller of the house that you put an offer on ACCEPTS the offer WITH OUT countering! Glory be to God!!! That is awesome!!!

The inspection will be done tomorrow. We close on our current home on Thursday. If the Mortgage company can get the paper work together earlier than the 26th of this month then we could close sooner, which would be great!

Thank you Lord for meeting and exceeding ALL of our needs and for throwing in a few wants too! (like the pool and the guest room!) You are GREAT like that! ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The offer is made

After house hunting Saturday and Sunday we found a house yesterday that meets and exceeds ALL of our wishes! GOD IS AWESOME!

We put a contract on the house and feel that the seller would be crazy not to accept it. We bid $9,900.00 less than their asking price but chose to pay all closing costs. We feel that this was a great offer considering the neigbhorhood, the economy, and the fact that the seller had already lowered the price %9,000.00 to the current list price that we saw.

It is a nice 4 bedroom/3 bath home. Two car garage. Big livingroom, formal dining and eat in kitchen. HUGE laundry room. Nice deck off the back and a POOL. It also has a dog-run to the side of the yard and a big grassy area on the other.

Please be in prayer and agreement that favor will be shown and that we were the only ones to put a contract on the house. (they had a few more showings.)