Monday, January 23, 2012

Random thoughts...

-It rained so hard and so fast last night that water came into the garage under the garage doors. Thankgoodness that's the only place.

-People who think their poop don't stink irritate me.

-I need to work at being a better husband.

-Everytime a rock hits my car I am thankful that it isn't a brand new car. Not that I am happy about the rock hitting the car, it just makes it less painful.

-This afternoon has gone by soooooo sloooooooow.

-I wish my almost 3 year old would mind us like he does his teacher and grandparents.

-Leftovers for dinner or chick-fil-a. (that is the question?)

-I wish money grew on trees.

-I know I am blessed more than I could ever think or imagine.

-So thankful that God is a forgiving God.

-I need to vacuum.

-I am not doing good at this losing weight thing.

-Would it be considered child abuse if I hung my children upside down by their toenails when they started acting up and not minding?

-Regardless, I love those boys to pieces; they melt my heart.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Has it really been four months since I last Blogged?! Time really does go by fast. Here are a few things that has been going on:

-We have been in our new home for one year now. Looking foward to remodeling the boys bathroom and then ours and putting a porch over the front door. The majority is going to be DIY, with the help of friends and family, so hopefully the taxes we get back will pay for it all. :-)

-Corban started K3 the first week of this month and he has been LOVING it. He is also on his way to being 100% potty trained. Corban turns 3 in February.

-Asher is 16 months old and growing like a weed. He is no doubt going to be atleast 6 feet tall.

-Jennifer got a well deserved promotion at work. I am so proud of her. She deserved it.

-Come May 1st I will be at my job for 12 years! WOW! Talk about the time going by.

-This past year was a very tough year for us finacially but God always provided and per the ###'s on the scale I didn't miss a meal during those tough financial times. Note to self: LOSE WEIGHT!

-I am excited about what God is doing. With Jennifer's new promotion we will be able to start socking away more money and, lord willing the creek don't rise, we will be able to start planning for our childrens future. This is going to mean that we, Jennifer and I, stay content with the little things in life; which I have to say she always has to keep me in check more than I have to her.

-I am going to work at Keeping my Blog Updated!!!