Monday, October 5, 2009

Passing myself

There is a saying that goes, "I'm running around like a chicken with his head cut off!" Well, that is what I have been doing. But of course I was doing that before I had a child; even more so now though! I run around so much that I am sure I pass myself about 5 times a day!

Now, things about Corban:

-Corban will be 8 months on the 20th.
-He has 2 teeth on his bottom gums
-He can scoot to reach a toy but is not crawling yet. He gets the arms up, then the -knees but not sure what to do from there
-He has adapted very well to daycare and has even given me the look that seems to be saying, "You're here already? I'm not ready to leave!" But at the same time he is quick to give the BIGGEST smile in the world when he see's you walk into the room.
-I love our Daddy-Son time in the afternoons when I pick him up from daycare. It is just he and I until Mommy gets home
-He loves to talk, though we do not know what he is saying
-He is still not sleeping completely through the night. We were almost there but then he got a double-ear infection, which he is currently taking meds for, so hopefully SOON he will start sleeping through the night!
-He makes "maaa" sounds that sound like he is saying maamaa, which he probably is but I won't admit to it but on Saturday he did start the "daa" sounds! (yea for me!!!)
-He loves his food and when Jennifer breast-feeds him he IS NOT satisfied with just eating off one side.
-He hates wearing shoes and socks
-Corban has started learning the word NO from mommy and daddy! No, on taking the shoes off, pulling mommy's hair, biting mommy, etc. He gives a "Jennifer" look when he is told NO! (don't tell her I told you though)

There is much, much more but as you can see, he is growing and growing fast!

On to other news:

I am running again for City Council. The Justice Department did approve the voting at large and having 6 council seats so HOPEFULLY I will win again and be seated by the 1st of January 2010. Nov. 10th is the election day! Get out and vote if you live in the area! Your vote DOES count! Last year I won by 3 votes!!!

Jennifer is enjoying her job at the bank and is thinking about coaching Travel Volleyball when the season comes back around.

Our house is still for sale - going on 3 months. My next step will be to take an ad out in the paper for a couple of months and see where it goes from there.

We are praying about a few things and asking & seeking for Gods Will on somethings. Lord, show us YOUR way!