Friday, July 27, 2007

Bed And Breakfast - One Year Anniversary!

My Friend Brandon

Brandon and I grew up together. He and his wife and his mom and dad were also in the Mountains so we meet up for lunch one day.

Pictures of Cabin in the Mountains

Monday, July 23, 2007

One Year Later

"'Til Death do we part!"

This is what my Bride and I said to each other one year ago yesterday. As you can tell by the post...she has not killed me yet, though I am sure there have been times where she has thought about it. If I had not moved one time, the iron she threw at me would have killed me. JUST KIDDING!!!

One of the hardest things I have learned and am still learning being married is letting my Bride take care of me. We both took the same vows but I am independent and it is hard for me to let her do things for me.

Some Things I have learned one year after being married:

1)I love my wife more today than day one
2)Some days are harder than others being married
3)Getting married does not make you richer(money wise)-It actually creates more bills
4)I have probably had to apologize about 265 times last year for something I did and she has not had to apologize once
5)It is not "all about me anymore"
6)You need "alone time" with each other
7)You need "alone time" with just yourself
8)Time is flying by so quickly(one year already)
9)S.E.X. is great...(you know it is)
11)God HAS TO BE the head of your House
12)I can't stand it when she is right and if we are fussing and she ends up being right I can't stand it
13)My Bride is a Godly woman and a Praying woman
14)Happy wife...Happy life
15)She cares for me and wants to know about "me"
16)The little things matter the most
17)I love crawling in bed at night when she is already asleep and wrapping my arm around her and holding her
18)Lazy Saturdays are my favorite, though they do not happen too much
19)Her "clean" is different from my "clean" but as long as it gets done I can't say anything
20)She loves me for me...the good, bad, and ugly!

I know there is more that I have learned but these are just some that came to mind.
Now I guess we are on to "Round Two!" HA!

Thank you Father for this woman of God that you have given me. Teach me everyday NEW ways of loving her.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Read the "Sent To" before you forward

May I have your attention please! I have got my soapbox out and I need to say something:

When you foward an email, be it funny, stupid, crude or rude, that someone has sent you, READ the "sent to" names so you DO NOT send it to the same people again.

I hate receiving emails where the person that sent it to me knows other "sent to" people I know. Then that person in return, clicks all of their contact names and guess what...I get it again and again and again. Or maybe they click the "forward" button and includes, once again, my name.

What is even more crazy is when I send an email to someone or a group of people and they send it back to me as well as others.

Come on people!!!

Okay...I am finished...Just had to get that off my chest...It mainly goes to one of my cousin's who continually does this...and no's not you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hope set high???

You should all know by now that you CAN NOT get your hope set high about me posting pictures. I eventually get around to it but not anytime fast.

Hey, I can't help it. I really do stay busy. Down loading pictures is not on the top of my priority list. If it gets done, it gets done and if it doesn't, it doesn't.

Now on to other things...

We had a good vacation. It really was relaxing and seemed like a week off. (sometimes it only feels like a day off.)

We went to Gatlinburg to the Cabin and did some shopping, bike riding, and relaxing. We then spent two days at the house and then this past friday we celebrated our 1yr. anniversary by going to a bed and breakfast. (it was a surprise for my Bride). Our anniversary isn't until this weekend but since we were on vacation we decided to celebrate it then. We will of course go out to eat or something on the actual day.

We left the BnB and went to my parents to grill out for my Brother, Sister, and Dads birthday. My brother and sisters was yesterday and my dads is today. Tonight we are going to the comedy club for my dads bday.

Jennifer is officially on her LAST FEW DAYS at her current job. Come this friday she will be "unemployeed" for two weeks and then will start her teaching job August 1st.
Again, we are both REALLY excited about it. She will be doing something that she not only went to school for but also that she loves. I am really happy for her.

Well, until again...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All things must come to an end

The month of June is OVER!!!!!!! And I couldn't be happier.

We have been wedd out from all of these weddings.

My sister was married this past Saturday. She is now Kasondra Leighann Malone. We call her Kaci and our dad calls her Moe. The wedding was very nice. Everything went well and yes, I even cried. That was my baby sister getting married and she looked really lovely and as brothers are; I am protective of her.

I found out that, the video camera that was going around before the wedding allowing people to say things to the bride and groom, that my brother and I said about the same thing..."Brandon, if you hurt her I will kill you...But I love you!!!"

The are now spending 10 days in Cancun Mexico. They will be ready to come home.

Saturday night my cousin and her husband stayed the night and headed home Sunday morning back to Florida.

After church on Sunday we went to Jennifer's grandmothers to celebrate her 75th bday.

Needless to say, I am tired. I am off tomorrow for the 4th and then back to work Thursday and Friday.

Friday we leave on vacation. We are heading up to Gatlinburg until next week and then to end the week of our vacation I have a surprise for my Bride to celebrate our 1yr. Anniversary coming up on the 22nd of this month. I can't tell you what or where we are going because she reads my blog.

After vacation I wil try and sit down and post pictures of my brother and sister's wedding and from our vacation. You know I have never been good at posting pictures but I do want to get some on here.