Monday, January 23, 2012

Random thoughts...

-It rained so hard and so fast last night that water came into the garage under the garage doors. Thankgoodness that's the only place.

-People who think their poop don't stink irritate me.

-I need to work at being a better husband.

-Everytime a rock hits my car I am thankful that it isn't a brand new car. Not that I am happy about the rock hitting the car, it just makes it less painful.

-This afternoon has gone by soooooo sloooooooow.

-I wish my almost 3 year old would mind us like he does his teacher and grandparents.

-Leftovers for dinner or chick-fil-a. (that is the question?)

-I wish money grew on trees.

-I know I am blessed more than I could ever think or imagine.

-So thankful that God is a forgiving God.

-I need to vacuum.

-I am not doing good at this losing weight thing.

-Would it be considered child abuse if I hung my children upside down by their toenails when they started acting up and not minding?

-Regardless, I love those boys to pieces; they melt my heart.

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