Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our house, Our rules, Our kids toys!

When you come over to our house I want you to feel as welcome and relaxed as possible. If you have children and they come with you I want them to enjoy playing with my kids and their toys. I do NOT however want my kids toys broken by your kids. Is it too much to ask that you teach your children how to play gently with other peoples toys and if you happen to break it, tell an adult so we are aware of it.

You are welcome to come over as well as your kids and they can play but they are going to respect everything in our home. If you have not taught your children how to conduct themselves at someone elses house rest-assure that I will tell them. You may allow them to break things in your home but it will NOT happen in ours. I do understand that things accidently get broken but it isn't an accident everytime.

So come on over! Eat, drink, laugh, relax, etc., but please respect.

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Trina Colette Barnes said...

When my children were young I had a similar problem. We had very nice toys and my children were very respectful of their things. But I found other families, for whatever reason, weren't training their children tht same way. So we would put away the most important toys...special babies, favorite tonka trucks, etc. and then I would have the children play in the same room as the adults so we could monitor what was going on. This way I could politely bring attention to someone abusing the toys. It made having company a little less relaxing but my mission as a mom was and is to train up my children not to have relaxing play dates. Good luck...raising children has a lot of challenges but worth every one!